Tantra massage in Rome

Are you in Rome on vacation or for work and do you want to try the real Tantra massage in Rome?

Hi, we are Kevin and Lalita, tantric masters and in our holistic studio in Rome (Piazza Re di Roma, near Metro A) we offer professional and unforgettable tantra massages.

Our Tantra massage in Rome is an unforgettable journey that involves great body and emotional contact that conveys subtle energies. It takes place in mutual nudity, as in Tantra philosophy clothes are considered a physical and energetic block, on a comfortable tatami with hot oil.

tantra Master massage in Rome

Tantra massage in Rome: location

The location of our Tantra Center in Rome is comfortable and welcoming. Convenience and positive messages have essentially been taken into account. First of all, you will find maximum hygiene and very delicate perfumes, harmonious colors and soft lights in an attempt to immediately find yourself in a dimension of safety and serenity.

Before and after the Tantra massage you can take a relaxing shower with natural products and enjoy a good herbal tea. In the meantime, it will be nice to share a short conversation with the Tantric Masters to make the massage more personalized.

Tantra massage in Rome: location

Tantra massage in Rome: a dimension of great emotion!

Our Tantra massages are an experience of full connection with yourself. An experience that, done with the right openness, without mental expectations, can bring enormous psychophysical benefit, because the mind gradually frees itself from so many tensions, preconceptions and limits, feeling in some moments at one with the Tantric Masters, with the environment and the entire universe. It is a very engaging contact that leads the person to enter, effortlessly, almost without realizing it, a dimension of great emotion and important moments of awareness, all of this is natural, all you need to do is trust.

Our Tantra Massages in Rome are an experience of loving meditation. Lingam massage (for men) and Yoni massage (for women) can also be performed with the aim of unlocking and letting our most powerful energies flow. The private parts are touched like any other part of the body, without delay (Everything is Sacred). It is very important that this aspect is well understood!

This does not mean that sexual energies cannot also emerge, as the energy plans that are set in motion are varied and very personal. The experience helps to feel them all and not to get stuck only on an energy level, namely the sexual one. But everything that arrives must remain a personal experience. Going through the various energy levels leaves a feeling of fullness, vibration in the body and vitality that make this experience unique, if done with the right openness and without mental expectations. “TRUE WELLNESS.”

Tantra massage in Rome: info and contacts

To receive the real tantra massage in Rome you can contact us on our number 389.9156594 (whatsapp) – 370.3345751 .

Our studio is open Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00.

For appointments on Sunday it is necessary to book at least the day before.

We are located in Piazza Re di Roma and receive by appointment only.